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Proactive Planning

That Gives Clients Confidence

What qualities make you a successful professional? Dedication. A talent for ideas. An exemplary education, and a highly refined degree of critical thinking. Demonstrable leadership and action that can effect a desired outcome.

When it comes to your finances and your lifestyle, you want a financial advisor whose education, innovation, dedication and leadership meet your expectations. You require a trusted advisor, a professional of proven ability and decades of experience. 

A Different Experience

Heymont & Company provides wealth management for high-income, high net worth clients - among them medical and legal professionals, business owners, corporate executives, entertainment industry professionals and decision makers.

There is no sales pressure, no offer of off-the-rack financial solutions. Instead, they meet an advisor who is genuine, someone who listens and asks the right questions to clearly understand your financial situation, and your financial potential.

We tailor our wealth management to serve the needs of our accomplished clientele. Every long-range financial plan we create is customized, and every aspect of Heymont & Company’s service has been refined to provide our clients with the resources and intellectual capital available to craft strategies for investment, estate planning, tax and insurance issues.

A Financial Road Map® to Guide You

Imagine a route toward financial independence that is practical, protection-minded, and suited to your tolerance for risk. That's the Financial Road Map, which we will create for you. It recommends the investment, insurance and tax planning steps you can take for greater degrees of financial freedom.

With our help, you are now free to focus on your career. You have a specialist to take care of you, who is ready to present strategies and proactively plan for change.

We can also spearhead a collaborative planning effort involving your tax consultant and attorney, in pursuit of your financial objectives. Whether you request us to design an investment plan or collaborate to create a tax-advantaged trust, long term care strategy or estate plan, we plan thoroughly and thoughtfully for your unique needs.

You can be introduced to the professionals at Heymont & Company today. We welcome you to call or e-mail our office to arrange an initial consultation. During this confidential meeting, we will take the opportunity to review your financial goals with you, and identify strategies which will enable you to achieve them. As you gain an overview of our investment acumen, retirement and estate planning skills, you'll quickly discern why Heymont & Company has become the trusted advisor to professionals throughout the country.