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Trusted Advisor

To Professionals & Business Owners


Heymont & Company serves trusted professionals in many disciplines. We work with physicians, attorneys, entertainment professionals, executives, and business owners who want wealth management services.

They trust us with their financial futures, and the planning of lifestyle and retirement transitions. We have the knowledge and professionalism to provide financial leadership for complex investment portfolios and family wealth.

An objective look, a second opinion

As CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER® professionals, Bruce and Rob have built their careers on advice and asset management, not brokerage trades or product sales.

As independent financial advisors, we will design a custom investment and retirement strategy to suit your objectives. We have the freedom to recommend a wide variety of investments, and not simply the proprietary products of one company.

Most importantly we listen to the story behind you and your career. We help you identify your goals and develop innovative strategies to work towards achieving a level of financial prosperity that will enable you to enjoy your lifestyle now and after retirement.

We take an impartial, unbiased look at your finances, and demonstrates how you can direct your wealth purposefully working toward a prosperous tomorrow.

A CFP® education

To become a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER®  professional, Bruce and Rob had to pass a rigorous examination and complete extensive studies administered by the College for Financial Planning. Their credentials reflect a thorough understanding of wealth management principles and the interrelation of financial planning with insurance planning, tax reduction strategies, and estate planning methods.

With this interdisciplinary education, we understand the effect that a particular financial decision may have on a client’s taxes, business or estate. We are also aware of the potential synergies that can arise from comprehensive financial planning, when different components of wealth management work together in pursuit of the same goal.